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2024 Invites

Why an invitation?

Creekwood Music is a private house concert for our family and wide circle of friends. To attend, you will need an invitation from us. Complete your RSVP below and we will review on a first received basis, up to capacity. Any requests after that will go to our waiting list. You will receive your invitation about two weeks before the show.


All donations go to the artists. When you receive an invite, we will ask for your advanced donation via Venmo. We encourage everyone to donate as much as you want. If you are not sure, $25 per person is the suggested amount. Children 15 and under don't require donations if accompanied by their parents. Make a donation.

About our property

When you submit an RSVP, you are asked to acknowledge you are entering our property at your own risk. We do our best to make our time together as safe and enjoyable as possible, but despite those efforts, we cannot guarantee your protection from every possible scenario. If you see something dangerous or concerning, please let us know ASAP and we will do our best to mitigate the risk.

When you're here

Please respect our property, the musicians, and those around you. We're all here for the music, so let's enjoy it together by respecting one another. A few things worth pointing out...

  • Please carpool! Parking is limited, so find some friends and come together.

  • You should bring chairs, blankets, bug spray, or anything else to make your time comfortable.

  • Bring your own beverage and remember to drink responsibly.

  • Pets are NOT allowed. Poop is no fun for anyone.

  • Please pick up your trash.

  • If you choose to smoke, please do so by stepping away from those around you.

Invite Entry

Invite Request

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